Why is this shop called BX.RS?

If you haven't guessed, we simply say "boxers." But if you leave out the vowels and put a dot in the middle, it's a super-short way to find us on your favorite device! Though we sell a few underwear items, we're not really about underwear.

Okay then - why IS this shop called BX.RS?

Here's our train of thought, derailed though it might be. The large majority of people hide their most audacious, uninhibited selves under their clothes. Ask any mother... your underwear says a lot about the real you! Who really gets to see the real you? Usually it's the people most likely to see your pink-satin bedazzled Urkel boxers. We don't want you keep your unique, stylish, crazy, artistic, charismatic, funny personality hidden in your pants! BX.RS is here to help you flash your most awesome assets everywhere you go... in a mother-approved way, of course.

That's the most stupid thing I've heard today.

Ouch - but you really shouldn't decide that until you've read our descriptions or, at least, seen our prices.

Do you think you're funny?

Absolutely not. My wife assures me that I'm no comedian.
But one thing is for sure: THIS will always bring laughter to someone you love.